Post Let Live Demonstrations Report Back

Le Pigeon, at SE 8th & Burnside, and Sel Gris, at SE 18th & Hawthorne, weren't expecting 50+ activists to roll up on Saturday night to call them out on grotesque animal abuses. Charged chanting and severe shaming went non-stop for almost an hour at each foie gras restaurant Saturday night. Force-feeding geese and ducks until they die is a cruel tradition for a disgusting delicacy of despair. You can do what you want, I'm going to act to remove foie gras from menus and markets whenever possible.

Dr. Eliott Spindel was cooling out in his Lake Oswego castle on Sunday night when around 40 demonstrators, most with their identities concealed behind bandannas and hoodies, sent him vocal hell for a half hour. Next, Ungar Furs owner Horst Grim was paid a visit all the way in Happy Valley where the defenders of fur bearers raised an uproar for another 30 minutes. Just after the activists drove away in a bio-diesel bus named "Cool", a cop cited a legal observer for littering when a piece of video camera tape wrapper was accidentally dropped. Otherwise they were as kind as defenders of animal abusers and greedy corporate capitalism could be.

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