Cascadia Trans’ & Womyn’s Action Camp 2009 Reportback

This year Cascadia made home to the now annual Trans & Womyn's Action Camp.
Cascadia hasn't hosted a camp of this sort in a few years, unfortunately. This camp alone brought out so many new faces and introduced them to the radical environmental movement that we decided it must continue out here, in coordination with other Trans and Womyn's spaces that correlate with future Earth First! Rendezvous.
Taking place in workshops spaces such as Learn First! and Share Garden, the schedule was widely diverse with issues of forest defense techniques, tactics of non-violent direct action, strategic campaigning, supporting mental health wellness & burnout, gender identity, sex work, DIY reproductive health (where many women saw a cervix for the first time!), how to call out oppressive behavior in a constructive way, etc. There was a large focus on anti-oppression by having three unique AO scheduled workshops, with additions of an impromptu critical discussion on privilege and oppression in the larger EF! movement, which eventually turned into a discussion about environmental racism and environmental justice. And prior to that there was an in-depth discussion on how to incorporate the safer space of TWAC- trans-inclusiveness, solidarity, and anti-oppression- at the upcoming EF! Round River Rendezvous, which eventually turned into trying to rally folks to attend the EF! RRR.

Beyond having some really amazing & critical workshops, we also had lots of fun ones!

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