Seattle Billboards Corrected


Starbucks and McDonalds billboards in the Ballard neighborhood were corrected, to provide the public with more accurate nutritional information.

Neighborhood blog My Ballard reports that three Seattle-area billboards were altered, resulting in clever makeover of the corporate-design.

According to a blogger, the first billboard makeover occured around July 3rd on a McDonald's billboard that stands on the north side of the Ballard Bridge. The corporate tagline was changed from "I'm loving it" to "I'm dying." The marketing pitch next to an Egg McMuffin was altered to say, "everything that cracked dad's arteries...grade A crap":

Everything that cracked Dad's arteries

Within a week, My Ballard posted an update that two more billboards in Ballard had been remade at 11th and Leary. One of these billboards was another commentary on McDonald's, this time noting that the 3 items shown were "Three reasons to VOMIT":

Three reasons to vomit: McDonalad's Dollar Menu

On the opposite side of the billboard a Starbucks ad was also remade. It now says, "Starbucks or nothing. Because capitalism leaves a really bad aftertaste.....It's not good coffee. It's Starbucks."

Starbucks or nothing. Because capitalism leaves a really bad aftertaste.

My Ballard described these corrections as "vandalism," and the Seattle PI picked up the story, calling the corrections "defacement". However, many others are "lovin' it" and want to see more billboard makeovers.

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