Support Isle of Wight factory occupation!


"SAVE JOBS and save the planet!" That's the rallying cry from workers at Newport on the Isle of Wight who have occupied a wind turbine factory threatened with closure at the end of this month, with the loss of 600 jobs.

Workers at the Vestas plant made their courageous move on Monday and are calling for urgent solidarity from all across the South Coast region and beyond.

As well as the need for ongoing support, demonstrations have been called for London on Wednesday and the Isle of Wight on Friday evening.

Said a spokesman: "There is a large picket of support starting outside the factory. This will be crucial in giving people confidence inside. We want hundreds of people. If you are not working, come now, by car, bus or train. If you are on the South Coast and working, come for the night and go to work exhausted and proud. "If you can’t come, call up friends and offer to pay the fare or petrol money for someone else to come down. Or part of the fare.

"Don’t just call the environmental and union activists you know. Call your friends and ask them who they know. Call your brother’s friends or your children’s friends. Text everyone. Get your friends calling and texting."

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