URGENT: Prisoner Attempts Suicide Twice in One Month: Take Action Now!

Call Fayette, Secretary Beard, and the Office of Professional Responsibility today! Fayette has known that Mr. Davis was not only suicidal but attempted to seriously harm himself less than one month ago. They are still refusing to provide mental health care and he is being subjected to ongoing violations of his rights... Read More & VIDEO from August 12 Protest at CFCF | HRC/Fed Up!

HRC/Fed Up! has received three reports from SCI Fayette that Tierre Davis #DY1710 has cut himself in a suicide attempt. One report states that Mr. Davis is in the Intensive Care Unit of the Uniontown hospital. Despite being on razor restriction because of his attempt to kill himself by setting his cell on fire July 26th, he somehow managed to get a razor; suspicions are that a guard provided it.

Call Fayette, Secretary Beard, and the Office of Professional Responsibility today! Fayette has known that Mr. Davis was not only suicidal but attempted to seriously harm himself less than one month ago. They are still refusing to provide mental health care and he is being subjected to ongoing violations of his rights: SCI Fayette: 724-364-2200: Ask to be connected to the Superintendent's Office and demand that Mr. Davis be immediately transferred out of the Special Management Unit and sent to a facility for mental health treatment. This treatment is outrageous. Mr. Davis has submitted countless grievances regarding guard misconduct and even attempted to file charges with the state police against Lt. Vojacek for sexual assault. Fayette continues to ignore his situation and keep him under the control of the same staff that has repeatedly called him racist slurs and encouraged him to kill himself.

Demand immediate transfer and let them know that Supt. Coleman and his staff will be held accountable for any further harm suffered by Mr. Davis. Call Secretary Beard (717-975-4918) and inform them of Mr. Davis's situation and the need for his office to personally intervene in an out of control situation where Supt. Coleman is displaying deliberate neglect. Call Office of Professional Responsibility Director James Barnacle (717-214-8485) and demand an immediate investigation, including interviews with prisoner witnesses and a probe into the seemingly endless reports of flagrant, disgraceful, and brutal violations of human rights in the Restricted Housing Unit and Special Management Unit of Fayette. Please take action today! This is the fourth reported suicide attempt by three prisoners from SCI Fayette in the last 5 weeks. Call your representatives, call the press, call your friends and call your family. Prisoners lives are at stake and we have to act on our responsibilities and demonstrate our solidarity and outrage. Thank you. Health and Solidarity HRC/Fed Up!

Chronology of Grievances

(1) An official inmate grievance, dated 10/31/08, was submitted to Grievance Coordinator Rhonda House by Tierre Davis. Mr. Davis states that Lt. Vojacek threatened him when the inmate refused his sexual advances, claiming that Vojacek vowed to make Davis' stay here "hell." The very next day Davis was denied yard, shower, and found hair, rocks, staples, spit, and dirt in his food. Davis also claims he has been issued fabricated misconducts and called racist epithets during this time. Capt. Legget, Counselor Link, and the Unit Manager, along with others have been informed of this grievance. These conditions prompted Tierre Davis to go on a hunger strike in late October/early November. OPR has allegedly began an investigation.

(2) In a letter written in late November 2008 Tierre Davis indicates that he has been held in solitary confinement for 69 straight months.

(3) Tierre writes that he is currently (November 19, 2008) in a hard cell where the temperature is freezing. This is confirmed by Eric Lyons.

(4) In the winter of 2009 Mr. Davis entrusted a sealed portion of a prisoner jumpsuit to HRC/Fed Up!, claiming that it possessed DNA evidence from Lt. Vojacek as a result of the sexual coercion reported above. An investigator from HRC/Fed Up! has contacted OPR on two occasions and attempted to file a criminal complaint with accompanying forensic evidence to the state police on two occasions and the District Attorney of Fayette County once. All law enforcement agencies have refused to accept the complaint and alleged evidence, with the State Police stating that their official policy, contained in the Field Regulations Manual, is not to investigate the DOC unless the DOC requests such. This is official confirmation that the DOC is a law unto itself.

(5) Mr. Robinson reports that three prisoners- Anthony Singleton, Tierre Davis, and Neilson Gonzalez-attempted suicide in a two week period in July, the first via hanging and the latter two by setting their cells on fire. All three are in solitary confinement and the Superintendent's office has been contacted frequently regarding their conditions of confinement.

(6) On this day Mr. Davis and Mr. Gonzalez set their cells on fire. Staff took an inordinate amount of time to extract them and put out the fire, with C/O Wolf reportedly stating, "fuck them, I don't care If they die. They shouldn't have set the fire." Mr. Maple believes this was a suicide attempt by Mr. Davis, whose face was severely burned. HRC received a suicide note, dated 7/23, from Mr. Davis two days after the fire. Lt. Vojacek was responsible for the delayed staff reaction. Mr. Davis has a series of grievances against this officer. Furthermore, Mr. Gonzalez confirmed in a letter that the fire was an attempt at self-harm, and reported to a prison society official visitor that "voices" in his head were encouraging him to set his cell on fire.

(7) Mr. Davis set his cell on fire on this day, as did Mr. Gonzalez. Lt. Vojacek deliberately delayed in responding to the situation, and when he did he sprayed Mr. Davis with mace after he first cuffed him. For ten days after this incident Mr. Davis was kept in a hard cell with only t-shirt and boxers and a smock blanket (for the last 7 days), where he was extremely cold. While in the hard cell Mr. Davis was kept in belly chains with his hands cuffed to them for 72 hours. Only after Mr. Davis repeatedly banged his fists and head on the wall, bleeding in the cell, in order to get removed to the infirmary. He was also on a hunger strike for several days to protest these inhumane conditions. During this time Lt. Rymarowicz and Sgt. Knizer intentionally destroyed his cell property, including legal work.

(8) Multiple prisoners report that Mr. Davis cut himself severely with a razor, one prisoner claiming that he had to be sent to the ICU in the Uniontown hospital as a result.

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