Sea Lion Killed By ODFW in Astoria

Once again, the State of Oregon's Department of Fish and Wildlife has lied to the public regarding the killing of Columbia river sea lions. On May 19th of this year, they claimed in a public statement that the trapping and killing had ended for the year. However, on August 24th, they trapped a sea lion on the Oregon coast, in Astoria, more than a hundred miles from Bonneville dam. And they killed him. They claimed he "met the criteria for removal," meaning that he had been "observed eating at least one fish."

At a time when thousands of sea lions are starving to death from Chile to Canada, when the public is struggling to save them, and while NOAA is apparently trying to figure out why they are dying, the ODFW has resumed killing those sea lions who venture into Oregon waters. The irony is compounded when one appreciates that the reason so many sea lions are starving to death is very likely over-fishing.

Monitors are urgently needed to observe the Astoria traps, and to hand out fliers and educate the public about what is happening to these sea lions. If you care about this ecosystem and the animals who share it with us, we need your creativity, your energy, and your passion.

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