Rogue Valley Eat Local Week 2009

It is that time of year again when Local Lucy comes out from the garden to help celebrate Rogue Valley Eat Local Week 2009. This years Eat Local Challenge is taking place September 11th through the 20th. These events are organized by Thrive and the Rogue Flavor Campaign, with community sponsors: the City of Ashland, the Ashland Food Co-op, Club Northwest, the Rogue Creamery, People's Bank of Commerce and Dutch Bros. Coffee. Within a 200 mile radius of our Rogue Valley, there is a bounty of produce, seafood & meat, dairy products, grains, beans, and even olive oil! Eat Local Week is a celebration of this bounty and of the amazing growers and producers who help to create it. Not only is Eat Local Week a chance to celebrate, but it is also a chance to increase awareness of local food sources, to become more active in our local food movement, and to share our discoveries and positive experiences with others.

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