Palomar Employees at Pipeline; NEST needs volunteers

N.E.S.T : the Northwest Eco-system Survey Team is in need of climbers and Ground supporters to join them in the forests of Mt. Hood N.E.S.T. is out climbing along the quadrants of the proposed LNG pipeline. The purpose: locating nests of the red tree vole, the main food source of the northern spotted owl. We need all the help we can get whether in the form of: climbers, ground support, $, veggies, climbing/ camping gear...everything helps.

NEST is putting out a call for volunteers. We need able bodies would can climb, do ground support, watch camp, and help out as much as possible. This is a pressing matter. These units need surveyed to gather resources and comments to stop the pipeline going through Mt. Hood.

Questions about ride shares, or general information contact Shawn at:

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