Tea Parties & Town Halls Face Off Over Health Reform

Over the last few months, polarizing protests have erupted across the country over the question of health care reform. "Town hall" sessions seeking to inform the public about President Obama's proposed health reform bill have been critiqued from the left as ineffective at addressing root causes, and targetted by the right as evidence of "impending socialist doom."

A series of "tea parties", organized by astroturf organizations and spurred on by figures like Michelle Malkin and Glen Beck, have converged in opposition to any expansion of the government's role in providing insurance. The "single-payer" option, widely favored amongst grassroots community organizers, is almost entirely off the table, and discussion of the role of the insurance lobby remains scant.

While dire, this situation has provoked creative response by grassroots organizers to reclaim space for authentic, participatory democracy, including farcical counterprotests, grassroots anger management initiatives, and a caravan of doctors currently making its way across the country toward Washington, DC.

Here is a roundup of coverage from both sides of the barricades:

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9/13: T-Day: America Rebukes Scary Negro Socialism
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9/10: Audio Reportback: Portland Mad As Hell Doctors Tour Kick Off
9/9: Seattle Health Care Rally
9/8: Labor Day Healthcare Rally
9/6: Loud Minority Tries to Shout Down Health Care Talk in Palo Alto
9/6: Health Reform Rally in Medford
9/3: Health Care for ALL Rally


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8/17: Change We need and Can Afford
8/16: Berkley Protest After Whole Foods CEO Comes out Against Public Health Care
8/11: Anger, Remorse, and Health-Care Reform
8/7: Real Health Care Reform: Universal Single Payer

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