How David Irving Spent Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th doesn't always mean Jason is going to come out and slash you up. If you're Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving (that's starting to be his name around here) that might have been preferable to his New Jersey experience that day. Jersey doesn't like Nazis, and will do something about them when given the chance. That is probably why this was the first stop on his East Coast tour that Irving saw opposition. He held his speaking engagement at a Best Western in Pompton Plains, NJ, and antifa, who were told that another venue canceled him but went to check it out just to be sure, found out that the true location. If that wasn't bad enough, hackers zeroed in on his websites, giving antifa everywhere an early Holiday treat - information on all of his supporters. Today he is supposed to be in New York City, but he has to find another place there too. The original spot closed his doors to him once they learned who was coming his way. Antifa did good - damn good this evening, and even if you can't find what venue Irving duped into hosting him, you can most certainly now find a lot of the folks down with him. Works for us! David has his spin going on this one, saying, "We are puzzled that they (antifa) are so frightened by historical debate." Well, we are puzzled about you being puzzled, Dave. Debate can only be had when you have those you are debating in the same room with you, which you tried so hard to avoid and always do. This time it was in vain, and now a lot of you-know-what is going to hit the fan. See what happens when black (clad) cats cross your path on Friday the 13th, Dave?

POMPTON PLAINS, NJ - With the exception of the knife fight between two of his supporters in Florida, Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving has had an easy time of it during his East Coast tour. Very few protests, if any, manifested themselves, and all the way up the Eastern Seaboard he went along pretty much unabated.

Then he came to New Jersey. On Friday the 13th. That was the day his luck ran out - in rivers.

David Irving's day started off with his venue for Saturday's New York City event canceling on him after they learned the true nature of his event, which would have brought out a number of neo-Nazis and white supremacists to hear him speak about how he believes the Holocaust never happened. It ended with not only a protest him out of a hotel he spoke and was staying at, but also his website hacked by antifa who was able to seize information about supporters and emails he sent and received, using his site to post the information.

Irving has taken great care to keep the locations of his appearances under wraps from everyone except those who purchase tickets, but the NJ Chapter of Residents Against David Irving (RADI) was privy to one possible location, the American Legion Hall Post 175 in Wayne, NJ. When RADI felt the venue managers were not going to cancel the event, they made the location public. That reportedly resulted in over 200 phone calls to the Hall, informing them of the possibility that their Hall would be used by Irving. They later started telling callers that the event was canceled. Earlier in the day, the Catholic Kolping Society in New York City was informed that Irving's person in the city, Michael Santomauro booked their space on his behalf, and it was learned later that he did so under the name "Michael Singer". The venue managers immediately canceled that event there.

The American Legion Hall might have been a ruse, which has been done in the past, as there was a Hispanic family having a birthday party there at the time Irving was scheduled to be there. It was quickly learned that Irving actually booked a conference room in the place he was staying, the Best Western Regency House and Suites in Pompton Plains, almost seven miles from Wayne. Members of Anti-Racist Action were able to get to the hotel and stage a protest chanting and calling out Irving by name. Originally, the antifa walked through the lobby, but just as quickly chose to go out to the window of the conference hall where Irving was giving his speech. Although the protest was on private property. Hotel officials did not ask the antifa to move, and it was only requested by police that no one enter the hotel itself. Irving was staying at the hotel in Room 111, but reportedly left the hotel altogether due to the antifa presence.

Among the reported dozen that were in attendance was Butler, NJ attorney Alexander Carmichael, who had his own run-in with New Jersey Antifa earlier this year when his League of American Patriots tried to have a meeting in a Clifton, NJ public Library.

Just before his scheduled appearance, Irving had to deal with another problem. All three of his websites were hacked by unknown persons who were able to create a list of sensitive information and use the website to pass it along. "We have released private email communications, phone numbers and addresses of Irving as well as destroy all files, backups, emails, and databases on his website and," the notice from the hackers read. "We also released personal information on people who have attended the speaking tour, made book purchases, or online donations as a warning to those who would support people like David Irving."

Several emails and personal contacts were displayed, most notably from Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. Alexander Carmichael was among those listed, as was Prof. Jacques Pluss, who was once taught at Fairleigh Dickinson University, once an associate of the National Socialist Movement and in the past has painted himself as someone who was pretending to be a neo-Nazi to collect information on book about fascist movements in the U.S. Not long after he was fired, he admitted he was indeed a neo-Nazi.

The emails revealed even more information. A number of the places Irving spoke in various other East Coast stops were revealed, particularly the Willow Restaurant in Arlington, VA for his DC appearance, a Holiday Inn in Clearwater Beach, FL and the Holiday Inn on Packer Ave. in Philadelphia, PA. According to one email, a person named Chip Lamb helped book the Manakin Grill in Richmond, VA, whose owners "(Darren & Julie Witten) and their staff are the same as last year and they remembered you
and how good the event was last year."

They also reveal some tension between Irving and Jaenelle Antas, his stateside assistant who posts under the name "Tristania" on Stormfront. Their exchange about coordinating the events was especially humorous, particularly Irving's swipe at her for not telling him the Sala Thai restaurant in Arlington, VA was closed - and had been since a few weeks after he spoke there last year. "Why would anybody in the world want to work with or even be friends with someone who is acting the way you have been acting lately?" Antas wrote Irving. "You like to say you treat me better than anyone else does, but the truth is, lately you have treated me worse than anyone else ever has. It hurts my feelings, it makes me angry and resentful, and it makes me question whether or not I should be doing this job anymore."

Irving also had some words for one person who was an associate of John Kopko, an associate of the Confederate Hammerskins who got into a knife fight with fellow neo-Nazi Christopher Nachtman at Irving's appearance at the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan, FL. "I am sorry to inform you that we cannot allow your attendance at my future Events, he wrote. "Among your guests, it appears, were some who caused a serious affray anddamage (sic) to hotel property. Their appearance caused us immediate problems with the hotel management, as you must have appreciated, and they will not allow us to rent their fine facilities again. The press have been phoning me and I have had to express my deep sense of shame about what happened. We take great care to vet our guests to avoid problems, and I feel I have been badly let down last night."

It is not known at this time if a new venue has been found for the New York date or if there will be. Irving is also scheduled to be in New Haven, CT, Boston, MA, Manchester, NH, Indianapolis, IN and Chicago, IL. As of this time, Irving managed to remove the sensitive information from his website, although it has already been copied and pasted in other areas on the internet, and the site remains completely down. That makes it harder for any potential attendees to his future events to contact him. Janelle Antas, still on Irving's team, sent WIRED Magazine a statement saying that Irving might not be able to access his website for at least a week. Irving concurred, but added his own spin to the debacle. "We have a complete back-up, in any case," he wrote. "Half the files (the hackers) posted were already publicly available on the website, like the Radical's Diary. Other items they appear to have invented. We shall be apologising to the many people who may find themselves inconvenienced by these juvenile cyber-nasties. We are puzzled that they are so frightened by historical debate."

Neither Irving or Antas noted which items they thought might have been invented.

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