The Indypendent Issue 143: Neo Earth: Can Climate Justice Activists Stop the Geoengineering of the Planet?

International talks on climate change and solutions to global warming will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from December 7-December 18. But already, the prospect of a politically binding agreement coming out of the summit are dimming, and activists have deemed the Copenhagan talks a failure before they have already begun.

The Indypendent brings you an in-depth package on climate change, the climate movement and Copenhagen, with Arun Gupta tackling the "shoddy fixes" of geoengineering and the market, Robert Eshelman on mountaintop removal in West Virginia and the fight for wind energy there, Jessica Lee on the diverse social movements planning to converge on Copenhagen, and Bryan Farell on how a growing climate justice movement has emerged.

Gupta writes, "Don’t believe that politicians and corporations lack the will to address climate change. They have the will to deny the science of climate change, the will to sabotage negotiations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the will to foist half-baked schemes on us to address global calamity.

This is why Copenhagen will not be a failure. It will be a stunning success. The wealthy and powerful have succeeded in blocking, for now, the shift to a society, economy and polity that sustains the vast breadth of humanity and the planet."

For more, check out the links below. Also included in this issue: Arun Gupta interviews author and activist Raj Patel about his new book; Juan Gonzales and Steven Wishnia take on Bloomberg's third term; and John Tarleton writes on why the Seattle 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization still matter.

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