WTO Anniversary Events

Reclaim the spirit of Seattle 99! Join us for a Week of Action (Nov 27 – Dec 5) on the 10th anniversary of the WTO protests and in advance of the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen.

Fall 2009 will mark ten years since the WTO protests in Seattle, an extraordinary moment when people came together across many backgrounds and issues to raise a single voice against corporate power.

In the same spirit, the Seattle +10 Organizing Committee, a broad alliance of individuals and organizations, invites all people fighting for justice locally and globally to come together again in the fall of 2009. Actions are being planned in Seattle, and we encourage people to organize events and actions in their own communities.

We aim to reflect on and learn from the successes and challenges of our collective victory over the WTO in 1999, and to take action in support of alternatives to corporate power.

The anniversary comes at a time when a host of key issues – from global warming and financial restructuring to economic justice and health care – require urgent action. The political climate favors progressive change more than it has for many years, but we know that change will only come when we stand up and demand it. People are ready for change now! The anniversary of Seattle ‘99 provides an inspiring focal point to mobilize our collective call for change.

People across the United States and around the world are already mobilizing for a week of action tied to the anniversary, and to this year’s WTO Ministerial, scheduled to begin Nov. 30 2009. Climate Justice activists are organizing a day of action on Nov 30, in advance of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change taking place in Copenhagen Dec. 7 – 28.

We hope to see a multiplicity of tactics and forums, reflecting the diversity of our movements. We also invite you to join our organizing in Seattle to help shape some unified events and actions during the week of Nov 28 – Dec 5, 2009. If you or your organization has plans for November 2009 (WTO-related or not), please let us know so we can coordinate, help and/or collaborate.


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