SNOWPOCALYPSE! Plainclothes Cop Pulls Gun on Snowball Fight at 14th and U After His Hummer Takes A "Hit"

LOCAL BOSS MEDIA LIES THROUGH TEETH, AS PER USUAL; CLAIMS COP RESPONDING TO "REPORT OF A MAN WITH A GUN" AT 14TH & U Reader "cookietime420" writes in to the Prince Of Petworth blog: The cops were standing by, stepping in now and then, generally annoyed. It got dangerous now and then, when snowballers would run in front of moving cars, but nobody got hit. Most cars moved through the intersection without getting hit. The snowballs were directed at other snowball fighters. Folks even helped push cars that got stuck in the street. Then the hummer showed up on the northeast corner of 14th and U. A few people threw (very soft – the snow wasn’t good for snowball formation) snowballs at his “car” and jokingly chanted “drill baby drill.” Then he got out and the rest is history. Folks chanted “don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight.” I’m utterly shocked that a guy in a hummer did something like this. Owning a hummer is usually a sign of a more refined individual. Video by dabdiputs, via Flickr. Still image from video via WJLA-TV News.

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