Jailed in Oaxaca for Asking Ulises Ruiz a Question

Four Tourists Detained after Pressing the Case of Murdered Indymedia Reporter Brad Will

On January 28, at around 9pm Andrea Caraballo, Guadalupe Rodriguez Lopez, James Wells and Jennifer Lawhorne were eating ice cream in the zocalo of Oaxaca. At that time, one of them recognized the face of the governor of Oaxaca who was about nine feet away. A friend of Brad Will took advantage of the governor’s presence to ask him about the case of Mr. Will, which to this day remains unresolved.

Governor Ulies Ruiz Ortiz walked away without giving a response. Five minutes later, between six and eight police agents, some in official uniform and others dressed in plainclothes, surrounded the four tourists, demanding to see their identifications and forcing them to enter a municipal police truck. The police refused to provide them with any information. Full Report | En Espanol | Video | unamalanocheenoaxaca.blogspot.com

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