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Cleveland Jobs with Justice joins National Day of Action

Junk Food for Junk Bonds

On Wednesday, October 1st, Cleveland Jobs with Justice participated in a National Day of Action with 12 other local Jobs with Justice Coalitions. Community, faith and labor advocates conducted rallies, street theater, bake sales and ‘billionaires for bail-outs’ actions to tell Congress and Wall Street that people are fed up with corporate greed and demanded a “Main Street Recovery Plan.” In solidarity our message was clear! We were telling Congress “No Bail-out!” unless they addressed the following:

  • Make the people that created and profited from the mess pay for the clean-up, now.
  • Any infusion of capital must have specific, binding public ownership requirements.
  • Restructure and rein in the reckless private financial institutions.
  • Pass a real recovery plan, for Main Street as well as Wall Street, paid for with progressive taxation,
    that addresses the needs for good jobs, affordable housing, health care, pensions, infrastructure and ‘green’ economy

Cleveland Jobs with Justice, together with 40 area activists from 13 coalition partners and other social justice organizations joined us as we protested the $700 Billion bail-out. Passersby were given junk food with the message to "Stop Corporate Greed - Put Main Street before Wall Street!" Cleveland Jobs with Justice was sending the clear message to Congress and Bush that we did not want them to bail out a corrupt system. Instead, we wanted them to build a system that works before they decided to invest $700 Billion of our money by giving away a corporate handout. Photos from the local event in Cleveland.

Planning is underway with National Jobs with Justice for a Bail-out for the People.

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