Everyone To The Streets!

ALL OUT for a march and demonstration in Olympia against the violence of the police, in solidarity with our Portland and Bay Area friends and all of West Coast resistance to the brutality of the state.

MEET: at the corner of the shopping center on Harrison and Division.
MARCH: Downtown.
WEAR: Black, or whatever you want, to honor the dead.

You are invited to participate in Days of Action on April 8th and 9th in response to the recent murders of Jack Dale Collins and Aaron Campbell. These murders are the latest perpetrated by the Portland police, which follow the murder of Oscar Grant months ago in the Bay Area.

AND LEST WE FORGET: the Olympia Police Department has blood on its hands as well, of course. It is the blood of Jose Ramirez-Jimenez who was shot and killed by Olympia officers Paul Bakala, Mike Hovda, and Chuck Gassett and Stephen Edwards, murdered by Olympia police officers Paul Bakala and Jeff Jordan who were rewarded by their masters with a paid vacation after the killings and praised by the local newspaper The Olympian.

homepage:: http://portland.indymedia.org/ read more: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/04/398447.shtml

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