The Indypendent Issue 149: Nuclear Shock: While Obama touts nuclear power as a green energy solution, Southwest communities resist uranium mining boom

Indypendent editor Jessica Lee and Indigenous Action Media member Klee Benally report on uranium mining in the Southwest in the latest issue of the Indypendent:

“The American Southwest has again become ground zero in the debate about nuclear power.

Since December, miners have resumed crawling deep into the earth on the edge of the Grand Canyon to mine high-grade uranium ore at the Arizona 1 Mine, which had been closed since the late 1980s. Owned by the Canadian Denison Mines Corp., it is the first uranium mine to open in northern Arizona since nuclear power again became a popular idea in Washington within the last decade. The greater Grand Canyon area faces a possible explosion in the number of new uranium mines.

The price of uranium has rebounded in recent years due to a surge in reactor construction throughout the world and thanks to political support from the White House, starting with George W. Bush and reinforced by Barack Obama. The price has varied from $10 to $138 per pound since 2001, and is currently valued at $41.25 per pound.”

For more, see the link to “Resisting the Nuclear Boom,” below.

Also in this issue: an interview with the director of an epic film about the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa; a report from Rio de Janeiro on Brazil’s crackdown on street vendors and the poor ahead of the 2016 Olympics; and a first person look at the struggle to save endangered whales from hunters.

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