Operation Chi Lift: Time for a No Kill Nation

Here at Ananda, we support No Kill policies. We know that we cannot take in every animal who is about to be put down in a shelter, but we do what we can and if everyone would do their part, together we could save them all. Last week, we were confronted with a difficult dilemma. We received word that the kill shelters in LA were over-flowing with dogs who were about to be killed. And with that news, came pictures and stories. This is something that Multnomah County officials would do well to consider - We know that the Multnomah County shelter is filled with healthy, adoptable, deserving animals, and we know that the Multnomah County kill rate is shamefully high. An animal going into that shelter has a higher chance of being killed there than of coming out alive. But we do not know which dogs are in danger and which are not. Because our space is so limited, and because we do not have unlimited resources, we cannot always be going in to the shelter here and pulling out animals. It is especially difficult for us to do that when we do not know which animals are about to die and which still have time left to find a home. Other shelters around the country, including the LA shelters, often have a published list, usually put out by rescuers who are given the information by shelter staff, of the animals who are about to be killed. That, my friends, is a very effective tactic - it's one thing to know that there are animals languishing in shelters, and another to see their faces and to know that it's up to you to save them.

And that is what happened to us last week.

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