Communities Continue to Mobilize Against SB1070

Marches, rallies and walkouts planned all weekend across Arizona

Communities across Arizona are organizing rallies and marches against SB1070. Among other things, SB1070 would:

*require all persons in the state of Arizona to carry ID or else face arrest
*mandate racial profiling by requiring all state and local police to detain and inquire as to the immigration status of anyone they suspect may lack it
*transform a lack of federal immigration status into a state crime (immigration violations are currently civil, administrative violations)
*outlaw day labor solicitation
*make transportation of someone lacking status, for any reason, into a crime

There is still time to stop SB1070, as Governor Jan Brewer has not yet signed it into law. Anti-SB1070 rallies are planned across the state over the next few days, including:

Flagstaff: Thursday, April 22, 5:00pm, in front of Flagstaff City Hall; Friday, April 23, 5:00pm, in front of Flagstaff City Hall; Saturday, April 24, 3:30pm, in front of Flagstaff City Hall

Tucson: Friday April 23, 2010 Meet at Armory Park at 2:00pm. We will march to downtown Federal Building at 3:00pm and rally!; Saturday, April 24th at 9am, Rally at Congressman Raul Grijalva's Office, 452 S. Stone Ave

Phoenix: Sunday, April 25th at 12pm Rally at State Capitol

Opponents of SB1070 should call Jan Brewer at (602)542-4331 and 1-800-253-0883, urging her to veto the legislation

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