Breaking: 2,500+ Students Walk-out on Thursday Against SB1070

Students from Across Phoenix Valley Converge on State Capitol

PHOENIX – On Thursday, hundreds of students walked out of school to protest the controversial immigration bill which is awaiting the governor's signature. As many of 300 students left Cesar Chavez High School at Baseline Road and 40th Avenue at 11 a.m. The move came despite loud speaker warnings from their principal to stay in class. Up to 700 students also left Trevor Brown and Maryvale high schools to protest the bill, alongside others from Tolleson High School, Carl Hayden High School, Metro Tech High School, and North High School.

By 3:00 pm upwards of 2,500 had gathered at the Arizona State Capitol building (video). Meanwhile, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other racists are urging the governor to sign the immigration bill ASAP.

The controversy surrounding Arizona's latest immigration legislation continues to grow as religious leaders, lawmakers, activists, residents and law enforcement across North America continue to come out against the legislation. Earlier in the week, Los Angeles archbishop Roger Mahony criticized the proposed law, comparing the move to "German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques whereby people are required to turn one another in to the authorities." read more >>>

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