Mayday!!! 8,000 March in Tucson, 10,000 in Phoenix

Flagstaff City Council votes to sue state over SB1070, UofA students organize rally for tomorrow; resistance is growing across the state

On Saturday, May 1 more than 8,000 people marched in Tucson against SB1070 and a suite of racist, anti-immigrant and anti-worker laws in the state of Arizona (photos: 1, 2). In Phoenix, as many as 10,000 marched to the (recently privatized) State Capitol.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, May 4th the Flagstaff City Council voted unanimously to take legal action against the state over SB1070. Pima Couny Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has stated he will not enforce the law, and both the cities of Tucson and Phoenix are considering their own lawsuits.

A rally is planned for May 5th at the University of Arizona, where students are demanding that president Robert Shelton condemn the law. Shelton has previously stated that he will instruct UAPD to comply with the SB1070, and demonstrators vow to continuing ratcheting up pressure until the University reverses course.

Hundreds of thousands of May 1st demonstrators across the country demanded an end to deportations, ICE raids and other practices that terrorize immigrant communities. In many cities, those marching voiced outrage at SB1070, and declared solidarity with those resisting in Arizona, including: Buffalo, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

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