Activists Occupy Cargill HQ, Shutting Down Business for Cutting Down Rainforest


Wayzata--(press release from Rainforest Action Network)--In the wake of a damning report linking Cargill to the destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests, activists with Rainforest Action Network occupied the suburban Minneapolis executive offices of the nation’s largest private agribusiness company today. Playing a loud recording of chainsaws cutting down rainforests and holding signs reading “This is the sound of your supply chain,” and “Mr. Page: Rainforest Destruction Stops with You,” five activists locked themselves to the staircase of the Lake Office, blocking the entrance to the company’s executive offices for over two hours. All five activists were arrested.

The protest was accompanied by a dozen demonstrators at the front of Cargill’s Wayzata headquarters, greeting employees as they entered with a sign reading: “Rainforest Destruction Starts with Cargill.”

“Cargill is cutting down irreplaceable rainforests, driving critically endangered animals like the orangutan to the brink of extinction,” said Ashley Schaeffer of Rainforest Action Network, who was one of the arrested activists. “And then, they’re lying about it to their customers and to the American public. We found out what Cargill is doing and we want it stopped, now.”

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