TUSD Students Protest HB2281 with 24-hour Vigil

150+ students remain overnight in front of Tucson High School to defend ethnic studies

Breaking: Dozens of TUSD students are maintaining a 24-hour protest vigil in front of Tucson High School against a law that would forbid ethnic studies curricula in Arizona public schools. Although the protest began at 4:00p.m., students continued to rally late into the evening. As of 11:00 p.m. (May 6), more than 150 remained, holding protest signs, candles, and speaking out in defense of their schools and their teachers.

For those who would like to pretend that Arizona's SB1070 is not about racism, HB2281 forbids ethnic studies courses from being offered in any school district in Arizona, lumping such classes together with sedition and "promoting the overthrow of the United States government."

HB2281 is specifically targeted at the Tucson Unified School District, whose raza studies students have previously organized protests of Arizona State Superintendent Tom Horne. While the law has passed both houses of the Arizona legislature, Governer Brewer has yet to sign HB2281 into law, although she is likely to do so in the coming days. As with the struggle against SB1070, students continue to lead the way in fermenting resistance to Arizona's emerging apartheid regime.

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