New Collaborations, Responses to SB1070 Mark 2010 May Day Demonstrations

From LA-IMC: May 1, 2010: The air was electrified by a presence not felt since the Gran Marcha of 2006. Tens of thousands marched through downtown Los Angeles in solidarity with Arizona's victims of a new law that effectively legalizes racial profiling. The new Arizona law has been denounced by President Obama, DHS Head Janet Nopalitano, the Mayor of Phoenix, the Sheriff of Pima County (Arizona), and even some Republicans who see it as draconian legislation. Demonstrations were held nationwide and cities throughout the nation are reporting sizable turnouts. Read more with photos

From Rochester IMC: "Today is the day the world celebrates the struggle of workers who won the 8 hour work day. Its a Holiday that started here in America and is celebrated all over the world, except for in America. They took it away from us years ago because it was too scary and too dangerous and we asked too many questions. The last few years in cities around the country workers have been fighting to bring it back, for Immigration Reform, for workers rights, for all the things that we fight for to make our lives better." Read more with video

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