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The recent weeks have seen a flurry of anti-fascist activity, in response to a concerted election campaign by the fasicst British National Party (BNP). The Derbyshire farm that hosts the party's Red, White & Blue festival was targeted for sabotage and a new edition of the local anti-fascist newsheet 'Burnt Flag' was released. There are also plans to re-dedicate the local memorial to International Brigade volunteers who fought Franco's fascists in Spain.

The BNP will be bitterly disappointed that after spending so much money and effort they failed to get even close to winning a seat in Parliament and lost many councillors. They seemed to have difficulty finding local candidates for many Notts seats and had to bring in Rachel Hill and James North from Melton to stand in Mansfield and Sherwood and Michael Shore from Hinckley to stand in Broxtowe.

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