URGENT UPDATE - Neoliberalism hates indigenous autonomy: some history of the situation in Oaxaca and a call for support

Breaking:  San Juan Copala leader and wife found assassinated on Thursday, May 21. (Please click through--article describes more about San Juan Copala) Timoteo Alejandro Ramirez and his wife Cleriberta Castro were found dead in their home.  Mexican investigative journal Contralinea reports that the murders were done by members of MULT.   San Juan Copala's blog coverage is here

"The indigenous, autonomous community of San Juan Copala has been in a desparate situation for a while now," writes a Minneapolis activist working in Oaxaca.  "They have been surviving persistent paramilitary attacks and are close to death as the paramilitaries have cut them off from food and water supplies.  The solidarity caravan had intended to support them and try to bring attention to the attacks, but the government is so hell-bent on destroying this community that there was no hesitation to send paramilitaries to murder the participants. These were assassinations, not random shootings. This will continue to happen in communities like San Juan Copala that are resisting, there is knowledge that there are more attacks planned of higher severity. The need for international solidarity is so desparate as it is so important to bring attention and acknowledgement to what is going on down here."

She is describing the April 27 paramilitary assault on a humanitarian caravan in which Oaxacan CACTUS (Center for Community Assistance Working Together) director Bety Cariño and Finnish international observer Juri Jaakkola were murdered and others seriously injured. The caravan was bringing supplies to the blockaded autonomous Triqui community of San Juan Copala, along with teachers planning to reopen the schools shut down by right-wing paramilitaries. The state government has since claimed that Oaxacan organizers murdered their own people to discredit the state.

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