NPA 2010: Taking Back Our Democracy and Reclaiming America!

Source: WNYMedia.Net: On May 15th, we took 40 PUSH members and leaders down to Washington D.C. PUSH joined National People’s Action, a network of community organizations from around the country to hold lobbyists, politicians accountable to Real People. We let them know that enough is enough and that we need an economy that works for us!

As part of NPA, we helped serve notice to lobbyists by shutting down K Street for half an hour before marching through downtown DC! PUSH leaders Bob, Julie, Nico, Jalal, Mitchel, Chivon, and Barbara helped lead workshops on Green Jobs and Cities that Built America which demonstrated PUSH’s innovative and groundbreaking organizing and development work.

We met hundreds of amazing community leaders from Springfield, MAss. to Los Angeles, California and struck up some friendships that will last a long long time! And, we had a great time! Please check out our Flickr Site to check out pictures from the conference/actions. read more

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