Charter School Myths Debunked

The presentation addressed a series of myths that had been circulated about charter schools. Schall described charter schools as serving to undermining the public schools mission of educating all students, siphon-off tax funds and to bust the teacher’s union.

Harlem Success Academy
Harlem Success Academy
Some debunking took place this weekend as Socialist Party of New York City chair Kristin Schall presented her thoughts on what she termed the “charter school myth” during a meeting on the topic held at the Peace Pentagon this Sunday. Charter schools are a hot topic in New York City these days as the Federal government’s promise of increased funding for education has been made contingent on raising the cap on charter schools. In addition, lobbying groups have unleashed a wave of television and mail ads promoting the benefits of charter schools and blaming the teacher's union for the woes of the educational system. Schall attempted to untangle this mess, arguing that another kind of educational reform is possible.

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