A Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine


The first week of June saw a European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine. Various events, protests and actions took place throughout the UK and other European countries with a common message: "Stop deportations! No to Fortress Europe! Freedom of movement for all!"

By trying to widen the scope and diversity of actions and groups involved, the Week tried to draw attention to the fact that anti-deportation is not a 'single issue campaign'. "People choose or are forced to migrate for a variety or reasons, from wars and armed conflicts fuelled by the arms trade and western interests, through poverty, exploitation, discrimination, gender oppression, domestic and state violence, to climate change."

Reports: Protest against deportation at Communications House reporting centre, London | Protest against deportation at Becket House reporting centre, London | Banner-drops Against Deportation in Cardiff | UKBA D-locked in Derby | Deportation travel agents awarded 'deportation profiteer of the year' title | Demo against deportation in Parliament Sq | Callout

Links: Stop Deportation | No Borders | NCADC

homepage:: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/ read more: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2010/06/453177.html

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