Fowl Play: Perdue Attacks Univeristy of Maryland's environmental law clinic

The Chesapeake Bay is dying. Rather, it's being killed. Killed in no small part due to Perdue, the nation's third largest poultry producer. Along Maryland's eastern shore, waste from Perdue's operations leaches into the Bay. The University of Maryland's environmental law clinic, concerned about possible violations of the Clean Water Act, sued Perdue. In response, the agri-giant went on the attack and called on its friends in the Maryland state legislature to defund the law clinic. State Senator Jim Brochin described Perdue's actions as "something straight out of Communist China." The Baltimore Sun commented: "What's particularly galling is that the assault on the law school's academic freedom and the independence of its fledgling lawyers is all because some students had the temerity to help some Eastern Shore residents and environmental groups go after polluters." Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin led the fight back against Perdue's attacks. Audio

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