Peace Conference Passes Resolution to Support Bradley Manning and Wikileaks

RESOLUTION to National Peace Conference July 2010 We SUPPORT BRADLEY MANNING & WikiLeaks for Leaking the Story of US War Crimes in Iraq Bradley Manning, a member of the U.S. Army, is held in a US military prison in Kuwait . The military has charged him with two violations for releasing classified information (the Wikileaks "Collateral Murder" video) which showed the U.S. Army killing 12 Iraqi civilians in July 2007; Manning faces 54 years in prison and is being held in isolation from the outside world, and it is not clear if he has contact with his civilian attorneys working to defend him. If the allegations are true, we believe that Bradley Manning is a hero for bringing to light the realities of the crimes being committed in the U.S. occupation. We call for his immediate release and for his attorneys to be allowed to talk to him. The soldiers and officers, not to mention the commanders responsible for the July 2007 killing of civilians face no investigation, much less punishment of any kind.

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