Detained migrants on hunger strike


"Today we raise our voices until liberty is ours. [...] We deserve to be heard and until such time, we fight."

Around 150 migrants held at Campsfield migrant prison near Kidlington are on hunger strike "as a result of the treatment of detainees in detention centres especially for people who have been detained for a long period of time".

"Our lives incidentally have been stalled without any hope of living a life, having a family or any future [...] some of us are tortured and even face death or mental distress [...] We are issued removal directions without given enough time for an appeal. [...] On a regular basis, we are tortured, restrained, strapped like animals and beating to effect removal."

Local campaigners have responded by immediately organising several solidarity demos and calling for people to write to their MPs.

At least one detainee perceived as a ringleader has been transferred to another detention centre and placed in solitary detention.

The next demo is Monday 9th August, from 7pm, at Campsfield, Langford Lane, Kidlington. Cyclists will meet at St Giles at 6pm to ride there together. There are also regular buses from Oxford.

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