Over Hundred Supporters Rally to 'Free Bradley Manning' inside a US Marine Corps Base

120 supporters rallied yesterday to "Free Bradley Manning!" in Quantico, VA, a small town within a US Marine Corps base. Pfc. Manning was transfer to Quantico only seven days ago after two months in solitary confinement in Kuwait. Organized by CodePink and Courage to Resist in only five days, the rally was covered by CNN, ABC, international and local media. Despite being declared off limits to all service members stationed at Quantico, a number of Marines stopped by to talk about the issues. Read More from Indybay

Manning, of course, is the courageous Army intelligence analyst turned whistleblower, who admitted leaking "260,000 classified United States diplomatic cables and video of a (US) airstrike in Afghanistan that killed 97 civilians last year," and an "explosive (39 minute) video of an American helicopter attack in Baghdad that left 12 people dead, including two employees of the Reuters news agency" — "collateral murder" he felt obligated to expose. Read More by by Stephen Lendman

More Info From Courage to Resist and bradleymanning.org | | | Past Coverage: Wikileaks releases 91,000 Internal Afghan War Reports | | | WikiLeaks

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