Disability Rights Advocates Continue Encampment to Protest De-funding Center for Disability Rights


Disability Rights Activists, CDR (Center for Disability Rights) staff and consumers, and community supporters continued their encampment in front of the Monroe County Leg Building on Main Street in Downtown Rochester on Friday. This enters the 5th day of the round-the-clock encampment.

Last Thursday, July 22nd, CDR (Center for Disability Rights) was hand delivered a letter from a Monroe County Attorney declaring that CDR’s contract for the "Consumer Directed Personal Assisted Services Program" with the county would be terminated, with no explanation. While the letter CDR received included no explantion, the County did provide explanation to the media- citing alleged lapses in services that CDR is responsible for. Letters were also sent out to the 303 people who receive services from this Program though CDR informing them they had 14 days to switch to one of 5 other agencies.

Letter to County Executive Maggie Brooks written by one of the participants in the encampment.

Video of Speak out and March to County Building

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