Dispatching Justice: Prince George's County Taxicab Drivers' Fight for Justice

Last week, Prince George's County taxicab drivers won another major victory in their fight to have the county issue 400 medallions directly to individual taxicab drivers instead of issuing the medallions to the few companies which dominate the Prince George's County taxicab industry. In a 2005 article on the Prince George's County taxicab industry, the Washington Post highlighted one company: "At the center of the debate is Silver Cab Co., the dominant player in the market. Silver's owner, Bob Nabley, holds 150 of the county's medallions, company attorney John Lally said. Nabley's influence extends beyond his own taxis. Many of the county's independent drivers and small companies link to Nabley's global positioning system dispatch network for $7 a day, Lally said. "They don't use the word 'monopoly,' but the bottom line is it is a monopoly," said Ronald Smith, chairman of the county's taxi board, a government advisory panel." Aurora Vasquez Interview || Lemma Desalegne Interview

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