Rally to Save Coney Island's Oldest Bar, Petition Launched

Nine businesses lost their leases. But there is a chance the developers will sell back the land if we can convince them, so please forward this and show up today. Demolition on two other historic Coney Island buildings has already begun so get there fast, this is your LAST CHANCE to see them! Can we preserve ANY American structures anymore?

See u this Saturday afternoon on the boardwalk, before it's replaced with concrete!

From the link above:

"Ruby’s [Coney Island's oldest bar] will open, possibly for the last
time, on Saturday, November 6th. 'We are not going quietly,' Rubys
host said in an email. 'Come out and show your support.' The
rally/party begins around 12:30 pm and goes on till 6 pm or later."

There is still hope the developers will sell back to the city! And
LAST CHANCE to see Coney Islands historic buildings!

From The NY Times (Nov 1):
"Early on Monday, the owners of Shoot the Freak, Ruby’s bar, Coney
Island Souvenirs, Gyro Corner, Beer Garden and four other boardwalk
operators were informed that their leases would not be renewed."

The other businesses are Cha Cha’s, Paul’s Daughter, Grill House, and
Pio Pio Riko.They have until November 15th to get out, I think they're
on extensions now.

LAST CHANCE to see Coney Islands historic buildings before they're
gone. The "40-day" DEMOLITION BEGAN OCTOBER 18th! Bye bye Henderson
Music Hall (Popeye's) and Bank of Coney Island (across from

Luna Park / Zamperla / Central Amusement International CAN sell the
land back to the city.

Actually, some good signs to make may be, "Developers, Sell Back to the City!"
and "Coney Island = Dubai Look-A-Like if we don't Preserve American Buildings"
and maybe something like "Developers Bad, Restorers Good"

The petition:

homepage:: http://nyc.indymedia.org/ read more: http://nyc.indymedia.org/or/2010/11/113024.html

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