Earth First! Protests Hydrofracking with Guerrilla Theather "Dump-in"

Imagine what would happen if you dumped a barrel of toxic chemicals in or around the drinking supply for hundreds of thousands of people. Of course, you'd be arrested, heavily fined, and prosecuted. In addition, you'd likely be marked by the government and corporate media as a domestic terrorist. Now imagine what would happen if a natural gas corporation were to pump thousands gallons of toxic chemicals into ground and dump thousands of gallons of toxic sludge in and around people's water supply across the country. In the United States the result would be a gas industry turning over billions in profits with complete impunity and no accountability to the affected communities. There's really no need imagine this second nightmarish scenario as this the everyday reality of communities that experience hydraulic fracturing—a method natural gas extraction involving the high-pressure injection of water, sand and toxic chemicals underground to break up shale rock formations.

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