Only a few days left to comment on proposed coal terminals on the Columbia River!

Comment on Millenium Bulk Logistcs' shoreline permit application by Friday, November 19th to stop coal export terminals on the Columbia River.

Olympia Rising Tide recently learned that Millenium Bulk Logistics, owned by Ambre Energy, an Australian energy company, wants to build coal terminals in Longview, Washington on the Columbia River to export Powder River Basin coal to China! We know that coal is one of the leading causes of climate change, and sending coal to China is not only not a step in the right direction for a livable future, but it is leaps and bounds in the wrong direction.

Ambre Energy is currently trying to secure the shoreline permit to make upgrades to the existing terminal so they can use it for coal export. Today the Cowlitz County board's staff recommended to the County Board that they approve the shoreline permit because the project is of "no environmental consequence", therefore an Environmental Impact Statement will not be required. But we know that a project to further enable this planet's coal addiction is of extreme environmental consequence, and a detailed, in-depth Environmental Impact Statement must be completed.

Please contact Vickie Musgrove, Clerk of the Board for Cowlitz County, and tell her that you oppose the shoreline permit for Millenium Bulk Logistics' terminal upgrades.

Here's Columbia Riverkeeper's fact sheet on the Longview coal export terminal: link to

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