Videos on What Every Activist Needs to Know About FBI Raids and Grand Juries

On Nov 6, DC activists and lawyers responded to the recent wave of FBI raids and the confiscating of computers from anti-war and Middle East activists' homes across the US, by organizing a teach-in made up of several panels, including a summary of "why now" and what to do when subpoenaed before grand juries. This event referenced the recent "Joint Terrorism" Task Force raids of local area activists' homes, and the surveillance and labeling of at least 53 local activists as "terrorists", all of which was inputed into Federal govt databases. Video of panels: 1. first panel (moderated by Kit Bonson: Sue Udry, Michelle Robinson, Kay Guinane, John Hardenbergh) (53 min) 2. Q&A to first panel, then "Know your rights" panel (Hardenbergh et al) (~1 hr) 3. final panel (Nadine, Raed, Michael, Gael) (27 min) There is a follow up session: *How to Stop Government Surveillance, Thursday, November 18 6 - 8 pm, The Belmont House, 1830 Belmont NW If An Agent Knocks (the booklet)

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