Supreme Court favors Walmart in Medford, Oregon ruling

Thursday November 18, 2010 -- Oregon Supreme Court rules against Medford citizens in favor of Walmart

See Court Decision Here:

MCRD Reaction to today's Oregon Supreme Court Decision follows...

Today is a sad day for Medford Citzens for Responsible Development and its many supporters. We are extremely disappointed by the Supreme Court decision which affirmed an earlier Appellate Court opinion. The court ruled that a local jurisdiction should be given deference when some of the local rules are contradictory. In this particular case, there were conflicting rules about whether the city should require a comprehensive traffic study for new commercial development, and when.

While there were conflicting rules on the issue, our group was frustrated that our city leaders would decide to err on the side of the developer, and approve a project that is anticipated to cost millions for street improvements to handle the increased traffic. At any time, Walmart could have agreed to conduct a traffic study and pay for the associated costs, or the city could have chosen to follow the more restrictive rules.

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