On Thursday, December 9th, the call went out. The prisoners protest had begun, and it was time to spread the word. As a longtime freedom fighter in the global struggle for human rights, Sister Empress Chi of the Philadelphia-based Nu Day Resurrection & Liberation/International Million Woman Movement got the call. She immediately put a message together and attached a press release and started the ball rolling in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

And now, the word is out... in a number of locations, including: The Defenestrator | Philly 1 blog | Facebook | Voice of Detroit. There has also been a radio interview with Elaine Brown by Davey D on KPFA in Oakland CA (lengthy; interview is about 10 minutes into the tape) and a video by Kenny Snodgrass, Activist, Author of From Victimization To Empowerment

A Press Conference for the Philadelphia/PA Coalition Contingent is being planned for the week of Dec. 20th, 2010. For additional information and updates from GA, tune in to LIVE on Sat. Dec. 18, 2010 starting at 10:30 PM.

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