Eric McDavid - 5 Years Imprisonment

Dear friends, Yesterday marked the 5th year of Eric's arrest and imprisonment. Every year, at this time, we are forced to reflect on all that has happened. It is never an easy process, but this year feels different. This year we know that Eric will be in prison for the duration of his sentence. All of his appeals have been exhausted. 5 years is a long time - but we aren't even halfway there...
We have watched in horror these last few years as more and more of these kinds of cases have appeared across the country. It is hard not to think of this as a time of mourning. So maybe instead of a day of mourning, today can be a day of defiance. Today can be a celebration of thought crime. Won't you celebrate with us?
Please remember that other folks are sitting in prison for very similar reasons as Eric! They deserve your support. Marie Mason and Sadie (Joyanna Zacher) both have birthdays this month. Please consider sending them a note of support. Finally, we recently set up a wishlist on Microcosm for Eric. If you would like to send him something, please visit: <a href="">"></a>
<a href="">"></a></a>

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