Help Needed for IMC-Africa Convergence — PLEASE DONATE NOW!

January 17, 2011 — The Indymedia-Africa Working Group is organizing a special conference in Dakar, Senegal in a few weeks to coincide with the international gathering of activists at the World Social Forum. Delegates from nine African countries, including seven active or forming imcs, have coordinated to attend the gathering, which is the fourth Indymedia networking and training session to be held in Africa.

Despite hard work, several expected funding sources have not come through, leaving us short of funds for transportation. CLICK HERE for details on each delegation plus information on how to donate.

The work that these Indymedia activists are doing in Africa is amazing and courageous, especially in the context of the brutal repression they have faced in the past. Recently, Indymedia on Air and Uprising Radio interviewed Sphinx, one of the organizers of the Dakar project visited Los Angeles and a member of IMC-Ambazonia, about the stakes of this work: Conversation with an Indymedia Activist by Uprising Radio | Interview with Sphinx from Indymedia Africa (Ambazonia) by Indymedia On Air

Image from Sphinx's Video: Standing with the Students (23 Minutes Summary)

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