All Power to the Peoples Court: The Struggle for Community Control of the Police in West Philly

This is an in-depth analysis of the neighborhood based Peoples Court movement which emerged in September in response to the near death beating of Askia Sabur.

The story quickly circulated the internet and the grapevine, grabbing the attention of the Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation, which called for a mass community build on September 11th at the scene of the crime. These local organizers set up a microphone, an amp, and emceed while person after person stepped up and testified about their experiences with the police [...] In next two days more People’s Courts were held at the same corner, attended by twice as many people. Read More

Past Coverage: Sept9: Domestic Terrorist-Philadelphia Police Brutalized brother Askia Sabur | Sept17: March to 19th Police District Demands Justice for Askia Sabur and an End to Domestic Terrorism | Oct30: Could Mayor Nutter's Police and Community meetings have backfired?

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