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“...men of conviction who voluntarily, for the cause of free speech, hit-the-grits and disappeared into the snowfall to confront possible death, not in the face of hostile gunfire, but in the face of an indifferent nature’s blizzard.”~ Jay Mullen

100 Years Ago, on February 16, 1911, over a hundred members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) left Portland on freight trains bound for Fresno, The group consisted of young working men willing to die for free speech. They risked being beaten by strike breakers. Nearly a hundred Wobblies made the hazardous trek south by foot through the snow-covered Siskiyous after being kicked out of the box cars in Ashland. By the end ot their trek the they had walked roughly 150 miles across the frozen Siskiyous.

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice has a campaign to create a Wobbly Free Speech Monument to be placed in the mountains along the historic route to commemorate and immortalize these workers' virtuous trek. Learn more at SOJwJ  http://www.sojwj.org You may offer financial support with a tax deductible contribution for the creation of a Wobbly Free Speech Memorial  http://3bl.me/tqca2t

Wobbly Free Speech campaign activities are planned throughout 2011 including February 16th and 17th for Lane County and Southern Oregon.

Photos: Wobbly exhibit Feb, 2011- displayed at Hannon Library, SOU, Ashland (click a photo to make larger)

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