DC Needle Exchange Program Closing on Feb 25

Prevention Works “If one of us has HIV, all of us have HIV. If one of us is in jail… all of us are in jail. If one of us is unemployed, all of us are unemployed. If one of us is homeless, all of us are homeless. [We need to adopt the] mentality that what happens to my brother, black, white, brown, pink or green, what happens to him is also effecting what happens to me… [Until we get this, we'll] just continue to go around in circles; nothing changes, and nothing changes.” “I don’t believe, right now, we understand the ramifications of PreventionWorks! closing,” said Ron Harris, a former employee. “I commend the other organizations who are going to try and pick up the slack, but there is such an unseen, voiceless… population out there that needs the service that PreventionWorks! provides. I don’t know if the other organizations, right now, are up to speed to meet that need.” Audio

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