Park Threatened!: Just South Of Mississippi Co-op & Blackrose Infoshop & Freecycle

The green space at 4008 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland, OR will become yet another over priced 'mixed use' development unless we turn up the pressure on wealthy developer Chris Rogers.

For the 3rd time in recent memory a rich developer wants to make even more money by destroying an urban park. This popular park is located next to the Mississippi Ave. ballroom at Shaver. (check out 4008 N. Mississippi Ave. on Google Maps) The project would kill 3 trees in order to put in 48 small studio and 1 bedroom apartments that each cost $850+ a month! In addition to contributing to the unaffordability of the neighborhood the project would harm the low income housing next door. If built it would greatly diminish the solar access and over all livability for low income residents of a house owned by 501(c)3 non profit Portland Collective Housing. This house is an example of truly dense green development where 11 people live under one roof sharing resources, gardening and using bikes and public transportation.

We need your help! Please spread the word and stay updated on the effort to save the park. We'll need people to help us put the pressure on Chris Rogers by calling and emailing him to persuade him that this project isn't worth his time or money.

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