Davy V. Confronts White America's Racism and prejudice against Latinos


Let's be honest… America is a racist country. It always has been, and it always will be. Racism and prejudice are embedded into it's DNA, woven into it's fabric. America has had a long history of racism, it has infiltrated every aspect of American society and shows no sign of decreasing.

It used to be that the the face of racism was largely black and white. Alot of times when we hear the word "racist", or "racism", we associate it with disturbing images of race riots in the 60's, and African-Americans being doused with fire hoses, as racist pigs sicked their police dogs on them. We also remember images such as signs in establishments reading "No Blacks Allowed" and even water fountains labeled "Whites Only".

As a Latino, I have had my share of encounters with racism. Perhaps I am more sensitized and aware of this issue than other Latinos. But what disgusts me, is not only the racism and hatred that White America has against Latinos, but the fact that many Latino, so called "leaders", "politicians", etc., get so "big headed" with their successes and achievements in life that they take on the mentality of "Oh well, that has nothing to do with me.", and simply choose to look the other way. Never once realizing that despite their accomplishments or level of success, to White America, they are still a Spic, Wetback or Beaner.

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