You Don't Use A Microscope To Find The Cow That's Left The Barn

It's time to put the discussion of our national priorities and federal budget on track and that will require some perspective.
Witnessing the drama unfold as to whether the government will shut down or whether Congress will break the current gridlock is like watching clowns at a circus engaged in a water balloon fight.

Michele Bachmann actually said something useful in an interview I watched today on MSNBC. [...]

The Tea Party claims its candidates were charged by those who elected them to cut $100 billion from current fiscal year spending. Somehow that has been reduced to $61 billion and now the debate is where the reductions should be made. Republicans have made it clear they are across the board for cutting anything which is beneficial to middle and working class citizens. I won't bother even going into all of the programs they have demonized over the years and have on their hit list. Everyone already knows.

The point is that in the two weeks Congress has been bickering over the $61 billion, the country has borrowed three times that just to keep afloat. Let me add that in those two weeks $48 billion of that total borrowing was just interest, i. e. debt service on the debt.

Something is seriously wrong here.

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