What The Hell Is The Matter With This Council?

Let's have the cop screw with everyone!
What The Hell Is The Matter With This Council?

We were outside the City Council for our weekly protest against Portland joining the Joint Terrorist Task Force, The Sit-Lie ordinance and the water rate increase when Dan from Cop-Watch told us of a woman who was going to confront the Council about being harassed by a Portland Police Officer when she sat down to rest at the 6th Ave. Max station. She had her young son in a stroller and decided to sit on the stone wall that surrounds the Federal Courthouse. There were other people sitting, so she thought it would be OK for her to rest for a time. The new Sit-Lie (Lie) ordinance makes this illegal, even if you are just going to rest for a few minutes. A police officer approached her and ordered her off the wall in a way that upset her so much that she took the time to come before the City Council to report the incident and maybe hope for an apology; what she got was BS.

Our mayor thanked her for coming in his normal dismissive way. Fish and Saltzman had the good sense to be quiet but not our Amanda. Commissioner Fritz thanked her for coming and made a statement that cause my head to hurt. She thanked the woman for reporting the incident and added that the city has been criticized for using the new ordinance against just "Houseless" persons and it was good that the police were being even handed when telling people to move. I almost threw up my breakfast. After the woman completed her story I applauded and that caused our dear mayor to tell me that applauding was not allowed. I said something about him being a dictator and did my Irish walk-out and rejoined my friend outside to continue our protest.

The thought I had when leaving the council chamber was, we now have equal harassment of our citizens by the police, "Isn't that special!" First and foremost, the police have questionable jurisdiction here because the wall in question surrounding the Federal Courthouse is federal property and it is the Federal Marshals that have jurisdiction, not the PoPo. In our tight budget times it seems the cops should just deal with their responsibilities and not go shopping for new work.

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